Site under design whilst I skill-up my coding!

I'm a big fan of knowing a lot more than just your key skill, so as well as being a designer, I'm working on my back end web development skills and trying to learn a bit more PHP and css, hence I currently have a concrete5 basic template up whilst I customise my own, so...please stay with me! Thanks

I'm a Designer, illustrator, letterer, skater, surfer, motorbikerer & ponderer.
I'm originally from the UK and now residing in the much warmer northern beaches of Sydney australia. I work full time for a marketing and communications design company - CMC before which I worked for UK branding design company Brond

Find me on twitter: @peteadamsdesign and come say hi

Currently Reading

The Lean Start-up - Eric Ries

Just Finished

Growth Hacker Marketing - Ryan Holiday

A quick read and a great introduction to the idea and mindset of growth hacker marketing. A new shift in the needs of marketers in today's world especially built for fast innovation, product market fit and effective marketing impacts.